//Emergency Missed Call product for Prepaid Customers
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Emergency Missed Call product for Prepaid Customers

Kirusa has announced the launch of its “InstaVoice Ring” product at Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, Spain). It is a unique and distinctive product that offers mobile subscribers an opportunity to give a free missed call to a person at any time, even when they do not have enough balance to make a call.

InstaVoice Ring helps mobile users to make a missed call to a friend, enabling the recipient to make a call back to the original caller and speak to him. InstaVoice Ring provides a solution for mobile users in their time of need by helping them connect with their loved ones. InstaVoice Ring also helps mobile carriers convert a missed opportunity into a completed call, along with generating a new revenue stream.

Surinder Singh Anand, VP of Product Management of Kirusa, said at the launch, “An overwhelming majority of users in emerging markets use a prepaid mobile.  Making a free missed call should be a right available to every prepaid user.  However, when a prepaid user runs out of balance, even urgent calls cannot be made.  Here InstaVoice Ring helps, by sending a missed call to the recipient without charging any of the users.” •