//WIT RCS Application Server: GSMA Accreditation
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WIT RCS Application Server: GSMA Accreditation

WIT Software, a leading provider of rich communications for Mobile Operators, announced today that it has received GSMA Accreditation for its RCS Application Server.

This accreditation follows that previously awarded to WIT for its RCS Apps, meaning that at this time WIT is the first and the only vendor able to offer a fully GSMA accredited end-to-end RCS solution, upon which mobile operators can launch their RCS services.

Following the recent announcements by Google regarding support for RCS in future versions of Android, RCS is set to become an increasingly important capability for mobile operators wishing to deliver innovation around messaging and voice to their subscribers. Mobile operators can utilize RCS to help secure their role in this evolving digital life, and leverage their subscriber big data for new business models.

The WIT RCS Communication Suite is designed to be agnostic of the underlying network architecture (IMS or not), and to provide operators with everything required for creating, launching and evolving innovative RCS solutions across native and multiple end-points:

  • RCS Accreditation is important to ensure that native RCS apps delivered by OEMs (and in the future natively within Android OS) will be interoperable across devices;
  • Selecting accredited RCS Apps and RCS App Server from the same vendor means faster time-to-market and greater agility to evolve the service as the RCS specifications evolve;
  • And enabling the RCS proposition to be easily adapted to specific operator propositions, such as Enriched Calling, VoWiFi, Rich VoLTE etc.

Luís Silva, CEO of WIT Software, said “We are pleased to achieve this GSMA Accreditation for the WIT RCS App Server as another indicator of the completeness of WIT’s RCS solution. It firmly establishes WIT’s belief for RCS of ‘better together’ – that selecting both the RCS App server and RCS Apps from a single vendor will lead to faster time-to-market and more agile innovation”. • 2/16