//Interactive Android-based home companion robot
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Interactive Android-based home companion robot

HuiYu  announced the Honeybot educational companion robot for kids on Indiegogo. An interactive Android-based home companion robot that uses Augmented Reality for learning, Honeybot is an electronic pet, teacher, storyteller, and a child’s best friend; educating kids with general knowledge, fun, fantasy, and good daily habits. Controlled remotely through a smartphone, Honeybot creates a new way for parents to educate and play with kids, employing 3D Augmented Reality (AR), Image Recognition, and Color Extraction Technology with educational apps to entertain, sing, tell stories, teach, and chat with kids — it even works with all Google Play Store apps.

Currently available in English and Mandarin (more languages available soon), children can virtually play with a 3D animated dinosaur and other animals on the robot’s or smart TV’s miracast screen. Honeybot was designed with a series of friendly expressions for use with social media, making Honeybot almost human — a kid’s best friend with likes and dislikes, rather than a robot. Honeybot creates different voices for asking and answering and can even mimic a parent’s voice for a fun and interactive way to keep a close connection with children when parents are away.

Honeybot Pre-installed Apps for AR Learning & Teaching in 3D:
AR Aquarium App: a 3D drawing app specially developed for the kindergarten educational system by experienced preschool education experts. AR Aquarium transforms children’s drawings into 3D cartoon animations through image recognition and color extraction technology. Coupled with lively voice introductions and professional teaching lessons, it helps kindergarten teachers with art lessons, enabling children to learn about marine animals while studying painting.
AR Yolk World App: an interactive cognitive app aimed at early childhood and elementary school education, it uses the latest 3D imaging to show the child interacting with 90 lifelike images of dinosaurs, animals, and vehicles. The multi-angled app provides a real interactive sensory experience, making a big impression on kids (other augmented reality teaching courses are also optionally available).
Simulated Daily Life App: helps kids learn about the proper daily routines, behavior, and electronic pet raising. Honeybot is hungry, needs a bath, and is sleepy, and children need to learn to take care of the little Honeybot for the correct daily habits for themselves and pets. Honeybot shows a detailed presentation of food, making children more likely to eat healthy food and less junk.


Honeybot Features:
Interactive Multi-Screens: Miracast can be used through WIFI to display and control multimedia content between Honeybot and a smart TV for larger screen viewing of the robot’s display and less eye strain.
Voice Changing Live Talk: real-time communication between children and parents. The parent’s tone of voice is imitated so children can recognize him or her. Honeybot will play the parent’s voice and will act emotionally, providing Honeybot with human attributes. Children can also send voice messages to Honeybot and parents.
One Click Synchronization iOS & Android Audio/Video: parents can send audio/video to Honeybot after recording from a smartphone. Over 200 audio/video learning materials for 3-8 year olds is also provided, covering common knowledge, poems, songs, fairy tales, etc.
Video Call & Remote Monitoring: H.264 standard video enables smooth and clear video. Parents can initiate a remote video through the app (children cannot initiate to avoid disturbing parents). Parents can also send remote commands telling Honeybot to check on their children.
Daily Timetable Control & Honeybot Playtime Control: in order to help children form healthy routines, Honeybot can activate automatically in the morning to remind children to wake-up. In the evening, it can shift into intelligent dormant mode to only tell bedtime stories.
Honeybot Playtime Control: a feature to protect children from visual/mental fatigue. After using Honeybot for over 30 minutes when parents are not around, reminders are sent to parents to activate to dormant mode for 30 minutes. Parents can adjust the time or turn it off completely.