//Averda in Tangier City

Averda in Tangier City

Averda Wins 20 Year Contract with Tangier City • After years of operating in Morocco, Averda will now be extending its service offering to Tangier

The contract is a new opportunity for Averda to launch advanced waste treatment services and thus enlarge its market share. A team of local and international engineers is guiding the conception, construction and management of an ultra-modern site, including the installation of a new waste treatment facility. The team will also lead the deployment of a new organic waste composting center, sanitary landfill and gas recovery and leachate treatment units.

The innovations that we are deploying on the site will allow us to reach a waste recovery rate higher than 25% from the second year of the contract. It will also generate electricity and be the first in the region to be energy self-sufficient. In addition, Averda is committed to elevating the awareness benefits of recycling practices and of waste management, within and for the community.

Approximately one billion dirhams will be invested throughout the course of the project in Tangier. 200 new recruits along 3500 others who already are in post in Morocco will enjoy ongoing employment. All employees will benefit from workshops and career development programs guaranteed by Averda, which will lead to the development of an active population as well as the growth of the Moroccan economy.

Averda’s Chief Executive, Malek Sukkar, said, “We are delighted to be deploying our services in Morocco and developing our new ultra-modern site. As waste treatment leaders in emerging countries, we strongly believe in Tangier’s potential and are honored to accompany Morocco toward its development. We thank local authorities for trusting Averda.”

Averda is very excited about this promising new contract and welcomes the development of the new site, which will meet all global environmental standards and benefit all the local communities. It will also help develop the city of Tangier and boost the local economy.

Since 2012 Averda has operated in Morocco, Casablanca, Rabat, Nodor and Berkane; offering cleaning and waste management services to municipalities and to over 2.6 million residents in Morocco alone.

Averda’s ambition is to deploy and reinforce its services, not only in Morocco but further afield in new geographies. Currently, Averda operates in Gabon, Congo, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Sultanate of Oman and Ireland. •