//New engine for multi-channel customer inquiries

New engine for multi-channel customer inquiries

– Freshworks, unveiled Omniroute™, a new, load balancing engine for multi-channel customer inquiries today. Built into Freshdesk, Freshworks’ helpdesk software, this patent-pending technology provides customer service agents with a unified view of customer inquiries regardless of channel and helps them respond to those inquiries more efficiently.

Today, users demand customer service via a wide array of communication channels, including  instant messaging, chat, email, phone and even social media. Using first-generation Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) customer support solutions, agents are unable to easily switch between channels and are quickly overwhelmed alt-tabbing between inquiry types. At the same time, managers find it difficult to route traffic efficiently. The result is stressed-out employees and frustrated customers. With Omniroute™, businesses with multi-skilled support agents can now automatically assign customer queries to agents with available bandwidth.

According to Microsoft’s 2018 State of Customer Service Report, 59 percent of customers use three or more customer service channels to connect with businesses. Today’s customers expect to receive service across multiple channels and on any device. Previously, support agents had to make use of complex integrations to handle omnichannel routing. Now they can use Freshdesk, the helpdesk software, which integrates with Freshcaller, the call-center solution, and Freshchat, the live chat software, to instantly switch between different support channels.

Industry estimates point out that 89 percent of customers can be retained with a strong omnichannel customer engagement. “Customers today want a simple and quick resolution across any channel of communication that is convenient for them. It is imperative to deliver a unified customer service experience across every touchpoint.” said Girish Mathrubootham, Freshworks CEO. “Support cannot be siloed. With Omniroute™ technology, businesses now have an efficient way to handle customer queries from different channels while having complete context of their customers.”

“Travix offers customer support through multiple channels; our customers reach out through the channel of their choice and our support agents are skilled to handle it. We need an omnichannel skill based routing mechanism to ensure customers questions are routed automatically to the right agent”, says Marloes Vierhout, Customer Care Business Support Director at Travix. “With this, we aim to boost the operating efficiency of our customer support and offer our customers the best possible service.” •