//5th agrofood & plastprintpack Nigeria 2019

5th agrofood & plastprintpack Nigeria 2019

The 5th agrofood & plastprintpack Nigeria 2019 with 120+ global technology leaders from 24 countries •Top level 3-day conference on Skills development, Value chain approach, Circular economy & Finance, start-ups and digitalization

Due to the upbeat market development and an ever increasing interest in the Nigerian market, agrofoodplastprintpack Nigeriahttp://www.fairtrade-messe.de 2019 continue their success story and are even bigger and more international as 120+ global technology leaders from 24 countries participate. The exhibition is complemented by a top level 3-day conference on Skills development, Value chain approach, Circular economy & Finance, start-ups and digitalization featuring more than 30 Nigerian and European experts. Organised by the German trade show specialists fairtrade the event is scheduled for 26 to 28 March 2019 at the Landmark Centre in Lagos.

Nigeria is the 2nd largest importer of food processing & packaging technology in sub-Saharan Africa. Nigeria’s imports of food and packaging machinery increased by 15% in 2017, to 262 million euros compared to 228 million euros the year before. (VDMA German Engineering Federation)

Nigeria is Africa’s largest importer of plastics in primary forms. With about 70% of raw materials imported (mainly from the Middle East, Europe and Asia) and only 30% produced locally, the Nigerian market has great potential for exporters of plastics in primary forms. In the years 2008 to 2015, for example, imports of plastic raw materials increased annually by 7% from 464 kt to 754 kt, a plus of 62%. (EUROMAP)

Top importing country of plastics technology and second largest importer of printing & paper technology in sub-Saharan Africa. Nigeria invests heavily in its plastics industry. Its imports of plastics technology in the year 2017 increased by 70%, from 54 to 92 million euros. Nigeria’s imports of printing & paper processing technology summed up to 41 million euros in 2017and the country’s imports of packaging technology increased by 34% in the same year, from 113 to 152 million euros. (VDMA)

Food trade of US$ 5.916 billion – Nigeria is Africa’s largest foodstuff market. Food trade with Nigeria is a US$ 5.916 billion business, with food imports into Nigeria amounting to US$ 5.102 billion and food exports of US$ 0.814 billion in 2017 (WTO).  •

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