//Innovative Solution for the Oil & Gas Industry
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Innovative Solution for the Oil & Gas Industry

Ecolog International and SMARTLINE Technology signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement to provide the Oil & Gas Industry with an Innovative Solution allowing faster drilling, lower cost and up to 90% reduction in water consumption • SMARTSITE™ enables operators to drill faster and reduce the water consumption used for drilling by up to 90%

Agreement underlines Ecolog Group’s commitment to driving efficiency and sustainability in the hydrocarbon services through integration of advance technologies; Solution, leveraging the patented SMARTSITE™ technology, aimed at enhancing drilling efficiency, optimizing cost, improving environmental footprint and considerably reducing water consumption.

Ecolog International, a leading global provider of integrated services, technology, environmental solutions, logistics, facility management, as well as construction and SMARTLINE Technology, a provider of pioneering drilling mud treatment technologies, signed a strategic partnership agreement to provide an integrated and innovative solution to the hydrocarbon industry.

Built upon the patented SMARTSITE™ technology, the integrated pit-less and de-watering solution is intended to improve drilling efficiency and considerably reduce the water consumption.

The cooperation between Ecolog and SMARTLINE Technology will provide the hydrocarbon industry with an integrated and fully mobile closed loop fluid management system that enables customers to treat Oil Based Mud (OBM) and Water Based Mud (WBM) in a more sustainable and economic manner. SMARTSITE™ enables operators to drill faster and reduce the water consumption used for drilling by up to 90%.

It also helps eliminate the need for waste pits, which results in reducing the overall cost of drilling operations while improving the environmental footprint.

Commenting on the agreement, Ali Vezvaei, Group Chief Executive Officer of Ecolog International said “This partnership marks another milestone in our growth journey, while disrupting the traditional business model, driving decarbonization of the oil and gas industry and providing our customers with the much-needed sustainability and productivity.”

Don Smith, President of SMARTLINE Technology added “SMARTSITE™ technology is built on efficiency and based on experience. Our agreement with Ecolog International allows us to jointly serve markets and customers, where the solution is required to significantly increase drilling performance, while improving environmental standards and working conditions.” •