//Phone app to scan and pay for your shopping
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Phone app to scan and pay for your shopping

Swedish IT company Datema AB has developed an app that enables consumers to scan their items and pay all through their smartphone. The app named EasyShop, is a next generation mobile self-scanning solution that is aimed at retail stores. Quick, easy and convenient – and a smart solution in a contact-free world.

In the beginning of 2020, the supermarket chain Coop in Norway, introduced EasyShop to its customers. Coop now runs the Easyshop app in 32 of its stores. As the implementation of EasyShop been a success the chain is now rolling it out to a total of 1,200 supermarkets in Norway. The success has spread across Europe among supermarkets chains in markets such as the Nordics, Russia, Germany, The Netherlands, UK, Italy and the Baltics as they have turned to Datema and showed interest in the EasyShop solution.

“We are pleased that there are so many markets and retailers that have shown such keen interest in our EasyShop solution and are eager to launch it as soon as possible in 2020 for its customers. Our cost-effective solution fits both the smaller local, privately owned supermarkets as well as the large supermarket chains”, says Erik Larsen, CEO at Datema.

In addition to scan & pay, it is also possible to enter shopping lists, receive offers and promotions and read information about a specific product. EasyShop is directly linked to the Point of Sale for precise and dynamic pricing and for store staff there are a number of store operations functions already prepared in the application, such as inventory management.

“For the supermarket industry, this means significant financial savings. Employees can become more customer focused by helping customers with with food tips, strengthening the deli counter or stocking shelves faster to increase the customer experience”, says Erik Larsen.

EasyShop allows consumers to not only avoid cashier queues, but also physical contact with store staff, allowing retailers to keep their store staff safe.